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About Us

Buying watches and accessories shouldn't be about how much it cost you but how good you look with it. 

Growing up as a student, I fell in love with watches. I can clearly remember myself searching up expensive watches and drooling at its appearance. But the prices led to me closing tabs and wondering why they were so expensive. By the time I got to University, the same thing happened once again... this time with bracelets, rings and other accessories. 

Here at TN Luxury Accessories we've cut down on the costs which do not add value to the appearance or quality of the watch. I mean do you go around showing your expensive watch box or case to your friends? 

When you shop with us you're paying solely for the watch itself and nothing else. We've searched suppliers all over the world to get the highest qualities watches while maintaining a reasonable and affordable price. 

Also, when you shop with us, you're not just paying for the watch you're supporting someone in a third world country in need for shelter. 50 percent of our profits are used to help those affected by cyclones and hurricanes in the South Pacific.